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Since 2003, ATR Communications has been a proud authorised dealer of Toshiba phone system.

With an excellent product range, specialised technical backup/support and an outstanding warranty (Up to 5 years) on all parts, Toshiba is a well respected name in business-grade telecommunications.

Given the ever changing nature of telecommunications technology, we encourage you to speak with us regarding your business requirements before deciding on a particular handset. Our Industry Accredited Technicians are more than happy to assist you to implement a quality and reliable telecommunication solution.



Sometimes a new idea is so powerful, it changes everything. The first lightbulb looked nothing like a candle, and was all the brighter for it. By letting the horse take things easy, the horseless carriage transformed the world. When Marconi planned his original broadcast, critics said the wires weren’t long enough to carry a telegram message. (Which was exactly the point.)

Welcome to IPedge: your revolutionary enterprise-level phone system, in a package the size of a phone book. IPedge says ‘goodbye’ to yesterday’s technology: making it more powerful, feature-rich, and affordable. And because IPedge is from industry leaders Toshiba, it’s almost as easy to use as your own smartphone. That’s the funny thing about new ideas: they have a habit of being better all-round.


IPedge is modular, so it grows with your business. It’s never been easier to add new users, and update your system, and its 100% NBN ready.

Like adding apps to your cell phone? IPedge applications makes it easy to add great new features to your business phones, too.

IPedge delivers everything you need for big-business communications – without the big-business price tag.

Stuck in a meeting? Seamlessly connect your smartphone or laptop to your office messages – so you won’t miss that important email.

IPedge gives you even more reasons to love your iPhone or Android – like taking business calls anywhere, via your smart phone.

Live on the road? IPedge transforms your laptop into the perfect tool for mobile voicemail, phone calls, video calls and email.


IPedge is packed with features, right out of the box. Like call processing, voicemail and unified messaging, central system administration, Visual Voice Mail, and Call Manager unified communications. In no time at all, users are managing and accessing their communications exactly the way they need to, exactly when they need to.



With Call Manager unified communications, you can click to dial, answer, transfer calls, and more -without ever picking up the phone’s handset. It’s not just an intuitive interface: it’s a productivity tool. See co-workers’ current status, share information quickly – and raise your performance to a whole new level.


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