Our services includes;

  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Fault finding and testing
  • ADSL line testing and optimization
  • MDF Connections click HERE for info
  • ADSL central filters installed
  • Additional outlets and new cabling
  • Pre-wiring during building or frame stage
  • NBN pre wiring + lead in & internal conduits
  • MDF / IDF installation

MDF connections & jumpering

Just had a new phone line or ADSL service installed and it has been connected to or 'tagged' to a MDF and need it connected to your apartment?

Click HERE to see how we can help!

Phone line & ADSL speed testing and optimization

If you are experiencing a fault with you phone line, either noise, some outlets not working, slower then expected ADSL speeds or drop outs and your service provider cant fix the problem or identify the cause could be cabling within your premises, we can help!

We can test the line at the Telstra Network Boundary point, disconnecting the lead in cable and test directly on it with our test phones and JDSU ADSL line tester, this can provide a quick and clear indication if the fault lies within the cabling and or equipment within your premises, or if its within the carriers network.

If the fault is caused by cabling or equipment in your premises, we can help identify what is the cause, and if required, re cable or fix the issue.

If the fault is found to not be within cabling or equipment within your premises, we can provide you with these details and report on your invoice so you can contact your service provider for prompt rectification.

In many ADSL cases you may require or benefit from an ADSL central filter or Telstra NTD, we can do this also.

Why use us for your phone cabling or testing?

We only use the highest quality parts from manufactures such as such as TE Connectivity / ADC Krone, C10, Madison, ect and only use high quality Cat5e or Cat6 for all telecommunication work.

We carry with us a large range of telecommunications products including Cat5, 6, 6a data sockets, phone sockets including standard, mode 3 and gel filled ect, wall plates, Krone MDF frames and modules, inline and central filters plus large range of Telstra material such as NTD's, line modules, jointing boxes, Telstra/NBN conduit and accessories, we also carry top of the range test equipment from manufacturers such as Fluke Networks, JDSU, Aegis and Teletech including test phone buttinskis, ADSL line testers, data cabling qualifiers and cable identification and tracers.

We are authorised by Telstra to work on and alter (under certain parameters) parts of the Telstra network, this includes before the Network Boundary (1st socket) and work may include Network Boundary or 1st socket re cabling, relocations and or replacements, pre wiring, installation of a Telstra NTD and ADSL central filter installations.

All our technicians are highly experienced registered 'open' (unrestricted) telecommunications cabler's and provide a Telecommunications Cabling Advice form (TCA1) on completion guaranteeing all work is done to the related Australian standards.

At ATR Communications our services range from installing one extra phone socket in a house, ADSL testing and optimization, pre wiring for NBN including conduit works to multi level telecommunications cabling and distribution frame and patch panel installation throughout large buildings.


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