At ATR Communications we install, service and maintain high quality IP CCTV Camera Solutions for residential, commercial and retail applications across Gippsland.

We only use the highest quality equipment from market leaders HikVision.

While HIKVision is not a household name in Australia, they are the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products.

Hikvision stays at the forefront of the surveillance industry by investing 70% of their revenue in research and development.

Here's a sample of the quality that Hikvision IP Camera's produce:

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent times, and it has never been more affordable to install a top quality CCTV System.

We will build a custom solution to meet your needs which includes remote smartphone and computer access from anywhere in the world!

Rather than a one size fits all package, ATR will custom select the camera’s and lens’ to best suit internal, external, low light, night vision, long range number plate recognition requirements.

We also specialise in remote location installations. We can supply and install camera poles and high quality and secure equipment cabinets with ventilation, housing all camera recorders and backup power supplies.

To Book a free onsite inspection and quotation - Please call us on 1800 646 599.